Accommodations need to be made to make room for the equipment needed for her therapy and recovery. To help assist with her new needs, Habitat for Humanity of Laredo will be making improvements to their home.  We are asking the community to come together to help us help Ashlyn overcome this challenge.

Please help by making your donation here:

Ashlyn Rivera

Ashlyn Rivera is a 15 yr. old sophomore athlete at United South High School  who had the potential to break many records throughout her high school career and beyond. 

On July 20, 2017 a tragedy occurred that completely changed the course of her life.  After leaving practice, Ashlyn suffered a horrific accident that would leave her with a traumatic brain injury.  When her mother received the call that fateful afternoon, she never expected to hear the news about the accident and the shocking words from doctors telling her that her daughter would probably not survive.

Through the grace of God, prayers and lots of therapy, Ashlyn has slowly improved and is expected to be allowed to return home very soon. 

Ashlyn and her family are part of our Habitat Family.  Her mother, Gisela Rivera, who has not left her side since the accident, has kept us informed of Ashlyn’s progress.  As they get ready to come back home, we want to help make Ashlyn’s continued recovery as easy as possible by making accommodations need to make room for the equipment needed for her therapy and recovery.